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    Iaso Tea - Herbal Tea - Flush Away the Pounds and Get in Shape

    Iaso™ Tea, has all natural ingredients used with great results for over 20 years. It is 100% organic and produced in the USA – a combination of 9 herbs, contains no caffeine and is good for diabetics! It purifies the blood, optimizing the health of all organs and body functions.

    The tea helps detoxify chemicals caused by the standard American diet, air pollutants, and chemicals we all ingest due to food additives, parasites, air pollution, etc. The tea works by gently cleansing the bowels, which in turn purifies the blood and brings the body to peak optimal functioning. It regulates the bowels and helps eliminate fecal buildup that may be poisoning all body organs and systems. This gentle, affordable detox colon cleanse is gentle enough to drink every day. It may help with:

    * constipation * lowering your blood pressure
    * acid reflux * lowering your cholesterol levels
    * indigestion * cleaning out nicotine poisons
    * fibromyalgia * Crohn’s Disease
    * excess gas * eases spastic colon
    * weight loss * bulging bellies
    * liver cleansing * hay fever and respiratory issues
    * parasites * detoxification of chemicals and toxins
    * diabetes issues

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